Top 3 Celsius Execs Revealed To Have Withdrawn $56 Million Ahead Of Bankruptcy

Three Celsius Execs Revealed To Have Withdrawn $56 Million Ahead Of Bankruptcy. 

Recently, it was revealed that Celsius’ Networks former CEO withdrew around $10 million worth of crypto from the platform ahead of the company freezing its customers’ accounts. Despite claiming that these withdrawals were used to pay for tax and nothing more, multiple new claims have been made against Celsius’ other executives for the same exact accusations.

Executives’ Withdrawals

Just earlier this week, it was reported that Celsius Network’s former CEO, Alex Mashinsky, was found to have withdrew around $10 million from the platform in late May, just weeks before they began to freeze their customers’ accounts and filing for bankruptcy in July.

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Aside from that, two other major executives have also been found to have made large withdrawals from the platform in late May.

Sometime between May 27 and May 31, former CSO Daniel Leon was found to have withdrawn $7 million, with an extra $4 million withdrawn in the form of CEL labeled as “collateral”. While CTO Nuke Goldstein allegedly withdrew around $13 million, again with an extra $7.8 million in CEL as “collateral”.

On the other hand, more than a dozen other Celsius Network officials including the new incoming CEO Chris Ferraro, were noted to have made no major withdrawals or activities on the platform during that time.

Denying Claims

After news of Mashinsky’s $10 million withdrawal came into light, his representatives stepped up to deny claims that he was using his knowledge of the company’s insolvency to his advantage or profiting from the $10 million. They explained that the money withdrawn was used to pay state and federal taxes.

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However, so far, no explanations or clarifications have been made regarding the withdrawals of the other two executives, Leon and Goldstein. 

The community have also been finding it rather suspicious that three major executives in the company were withdrawing such large sums of money at around the same time, just weeks ahead of the freezing of accounts on their platform.

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