This Is The Most Underrated Token Right Now According to FTX CEO

Solana is the most underrated token right now: FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried. “Any blockchain would have broken if it tried to do what Solana had done” Bankman-Fried claims.

SBF Is Bullish On Solana

In a recent exclusive interview with Fortune Magazine, FTX crypto exchange CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, often known as SBF stated his thoughts that Solana is the most “underrated” token at the moment.

SBF reminded that his opinions were not investment advice but expressed that he thinks Solana is underrated because it is constantly “testing the limits”, saying: anytime you test the limits of what’s possible, that’s when you figure out what breaks. Any blockchain would have broken if it tried to do what Solana had done, and this was a way for it to figure out what needed to be refined and what needed to be improved.

Solana’s Issues

However, these recent days Solana has been experiencing a lot of issues within their system like the entire blockchain shutting down and large Solana-based wallet hacks. 

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Because of this, the blockchain has been receiving a lot of bad rep, which SBF acknowledges, to which he replied that he thinks Solana “sort of deserved that,” he continues “to be clear: Technologically, it had a lot of shit to work through.

Despite this, Sam Bankman-Fried seems to remain bullish on the potential of Solana, saying that I think it has already worked through two-thirds of that [its issues]. I think it will get through the other third.

More recently, SBF also showed his support for Solana in a tweet through his personal account where he discusses the recent Solana exploit. Despite a lot of the bad rep and negative talk surrounding Solana after the large hack, SBF showed a data chart that shows just how little the hack actually affected Solana, adding “this is a good example of how something can be under-rated“.

It seems that despite the many issues that the blockchain has faced or is currently facing, SBF continues to remain bullish on the future of the Solana token.

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