Tether Launches Keet, P2P Video Chat App

Tether announces Keet, a P2P video chat app. Tether, Bitfinex, and Hypercore are in the project for Keet. It is currently available for users to use on desktop. Soon, there will be a mobile app. Tether announced the news on 25 July via Twitter.

What is Keet?

Keet is a video chat app built upon Holepunch. Holepunch is a fully encrypted platform building peer-to-peer WEB3 applications. Users can use Keet for video calls, text chat, and file sharing. Keet is here as a response to WEB2-based video chat apps. It is different from previous video chat apps. They usually use cloud-based software, but Keet allows users to use the app directly, without the company operating the network. Keet is also private compared to other video apps.

Behind the Making of Keet

Paolo Ardoino, CTO of Tether and Bitfinex & CSO of Holepunch, said, “Web2 requires users to give up control of their data, which has led to the rise of monopolies and growing privacy concerns. That is why Tether and Bitfinex chose to participate in the development of Holepunch and Keet. It believes that freedom of choice, communication, and finances are the lifeblood of the future, and anything that will enhance those freedoms is worth amplifying.” He also added that this app is free for everyone and would rely more on privacy for users.

The companies involved in the project are also excited to share more about technology advancement during the process. 


After the announcement, the community cannot wait to see the mobile app that will soon be here.

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