South Korean Prosecutors Accuse Do Kwon Of Manipulating Terra’s Prices!

South Korean Prosecutors Accuse Do Kwon Of Manipulating Terra’s Price!

Infamous Terra founder Do Kwon has once again become the talk of many in the community after multiple reports claim to suggest that the Terraform Labs co-founder had manipulated Terra’s price.

Reported Evidence

On November 3rd, Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) published a report, quoting the South Korean prosecutor’s office who apparently claimed to have evidence of a “conversation history” where Terraform Labs co-founder Do Kwon ordered his employee to manipulate the price of Luna Classic (LUNC).

The South Korean Prosecutor’s Office official reportedly said “I can’t reveal the details, but it was a conversation history where CEO Kwon specifically ordered price manipulation.”

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Despite these claims however, there still remains a lack of exact details on the price manipulation that reportedly took place. KBS’ report also notes that Kwon’s own representative have strongly denied these claims against the Terra founder.

Do Kwon’s Current Location

Aside from apparent evidence for having manipulated Terra’s price, the KBS report also suggests Kwon is currently residing in Europe.

Despite Kwon’s whereabouts being unknown for the last few months, KBS claims the Terra co-founder is living in Europe without a valid passport and as an illegal immigrant.

“Kwon, who has an arrest warrant, had his passport invalidated as of today,” the report stated, “Do Kwon is now an illegal immigrant, wherever he is, in any country, and he cannot travel legally between countries.”

In response to this report, Kwon tweeted earlier today inviting everyone, including police officials themselves to a meetup or conference in order to “get over” claims of him being in hiding.

So far, no more details have been spread about this supposed conference that Kwon plans to make.

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