Solana’s Latest Outage This Weekend Causes Criticism From The Community!

Solana’s Latest Outage This Weekend Causes Criticism From The Community! 

This past weekend, the Solana network faced yet another setback as an outage that lasted more than 18 hours plagued the network. Solana’s first interruption in 2023.

Solana’s Outage

Solana is known to have suffered many outages in the past, with a reported 14 total outages in 2022, 11 major, and 3 minor. These outages in the past have lasted anywhere between one hour to 17 hours. This latest outage has become the longest outage in over a year, causing community members to be unable to make any transactions in the network for almost 20 hours. 

It’s said that a reason for this, as well as many of Solana’s past outages, are due “a massive design flaw” in which communication between validators inflates the transaction volume on the network. 

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Community’s Criticism

Many in the Solana community have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints, dissatisfaction, and criticism for the network amid the Solana outage on Feb. 25. 

Many argued that Solana has had far too many outages than what should be normal, especially compared to other blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

Some members of the crypto community even questioned Solana’s validity in being one of the top 20 cryptocurrencies, especially with how frequently problems seem to arize on the network.

In response to this, Solana Mobile developer Andrew Watson argues that the Solana team purposely choose “security over liveness,” assuring the community that they’re in it “for the long haul.”

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