Smartphone Could Be The Drive For The Public’s Crypto Adoption

Smartphone Could Be The Drive To Public’s Increase In Crypto Adoption.

InvestAnswers, a stocks and crypto education YouTube channel, released a video update on October 7 stating that simplified mobile crypto wallets could be the reason the public embraces virtual assets.

The Key is Simplify The Wallet

The analyst said in a video that has been viewed by 37,542 at the time of writing, “If you can simplify the wallet, you can change the game, and this is where [Solana co-creator Anatoly Yakovenko] comes in.”

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The analyst added, “the big plan for the solution for mass adoption of crypto is a wallet integrated in a smartphone, and that could help with global economic freedom.”

“In fact, Anatoly said, ‘What does it look like with one billion people using crypto? What do you imagine? It’s in this device, the device that you use everyday. The phone has to be your hardware wallet. That’s just something that we always felt.,” he detailed. 

Smartphones Have All The Attributes to Support Crypto Wallet

Among the features that make mobile phones ideal for crypto wallets include built-in security features, which the analyst says can already be used to support the mass adoption of crypto wallets.

“Why the phone? What’s so special about the phone? Why not just a laptop or the internet? Well, more people have phones than anything else. And also, with a wallet in the phone, it’s better, cheaper, faster. It’s also fully authenticated because there’s a ton of features within a smartphone that are very important…” he said.

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He also explained, “Fingerprints and retina scans and all that type of stuff which is becoming key and critical. That will give users much more confidence with transacting and crypto going forward.”

As part of its Web3 initiative, Solana Mobile introduced Saga, a smartphone enabled with Web3 technology.

Yakovenko revealed that the mobile phone had the goal of making crypto asset transactions and management  “as amazing as using Apple Pay.”

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