Shiba Inu Coin Team Updates On Burn Portal Issues

Shiba Inu coin team updates on burn portal issues. “This has gone beyond acceptable ratios.” The Shiba Inu coin team says in response to the issues surrounding the SHIB burn portal.

Shiba Inu Team’s Statement

The SHIB portal is a system powered by Ryoshi Vision which is designed to reward holders who burn their tokens with passive income in the form of RYOSHI tokens.


However, many in the Shiba Inu community have been voicing out their complaints and frustrations at the incredibly slow and delayed reward distribution. 

Because of this, the Shiba Inu coin team has recently put out a statement to acknowledge the issue. “It has been informed that the contract is distributing rewards in a very slow manner, and some

users have been unable to claim since the first day these rewards were set to be released.” The team said.


In their blog, the Shiba Inu coin team clarifies to the community once again that Ryoshi Vision is not part of the Shiba Inu ecosystem, and so they have brought this issue to the attention of the Ryoshi Vision team.


The Shiba Inu coin team also states that they have already asked Ryoshi Vision to provide better communication and transparency to the community.

Ryoshi Vision’s Apology

Since then, the Ryoshi team have put out their own statement through their Twitter, apologizing and taking full responsibility for issues caused by the delays.



We want to apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this has brought to both communities and burn portal enthusiasts at this time.” They stated.


A medium with a more detailed explanation as to our current efforts will be released, please follow this account for ongoing updates.


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