Sega First Blockchain Game Is Based On This Famous Game!

After previously closing one of its iconic arcade game centers in Japan, Sega has become more and more fully engaged in the world of blockchain and NFT. One of the latest news is that they will be releasing their first blockchain game.

According to Japanese media report 4 Gamer, Sega has now signed a partnership with Japanese blockchain company Double Jump Tokyo. The collaboration’s mission was to produce new games based on Sega’s classic titles.

Sangokushi Taisen Chosen For Sega First Blockchain Game

And Sega’s first game to be developed into a blockchain game will be based on the Sangokushi Taisen series. For those unfamiliar with this title, Sangokushi Taisen is a real-time strategy (RTS) series released for arcade platforms.

This game combines arcade games with physical cards. So that players must collect character cards to be placed in the game area so that these characters appear in the game.

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Sangokushi Taisen is very popular in arcades in Japan, but is probably not very well known to gamers outside of Japan. Even though this series is said to have sold more than 500 million game cards worldwide.

The new Sangokushi Taisen title that will be developed will be done entirely by the developer Double Jump Tokyo. Meanwhile, Sega is only tasked with lending the title to be adapted into a blockchain game.

Game Will Be Using Technology Called Oasys

Sangokushi Taisen

The game is said to be built using Double Jump Tokyo’s exclusive blockchain technology called Oasys. The Oasys platform is claimed to operate with various environmentally friendly systems.

“With a unique architecture that is optimized for blockchain gaming, Oasys aims to break the barriers of gamers by offering fast transactions and no gas fees. As well as providing users with a more comfortable gaming experience,” said Hironobu Ueno, CEO and founder of Double Jump. Tokyo.

This Sangokushi Taisen blockchain game project is not the first collaboration between the two companies. Because previously Sega and Double Jump Tokyo have initiated the Sega NFT project and also the Sega Classics NFT Collection.

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As the name suggests, the two previous projects focused on a collection of exclusive digital works that will be traded by Sega as NFT. And with the presence of this blockchain game, it appears that Sega is very total in bringing its trademark in that direction.

A week after CEO Haruki Satomi seemed to have partially softened his stance on the notion, given the present unfavorable climate around the NFT environment, it registered a trademark for “Sega NFT” in January.

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