Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) Receives Multiple Prison Advice!

Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) Receives Multiple Prison Advice!

Following his massive $250M bail last week, disgraced former CEO of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried is now being given a number of advice on how to survive prison in the case that he finds himself guilty in his upcoming trial in January.

Shkreli’s Advice

In a recent interview with Unchained, former white collar criminal Martin Shkreli, or “Pharma Bro” who previously spent up to four years behind bars for securities fraud, gave Bankman-Fried advice on surviving prison.

Shkreli argues that SBF should focus on changing his appearance and the way he presents himself in jail by shaving his head, deepening his voice and skill himself up on gang culture and rap music. Shkreli warns that SBF’s current looks and demeanor is not necessarily “something that goes over well in prison.” 

“Sam isn’t exactly gonna be somebody that fits into prison,” he says.

“He also doesn’t know anything about the streets and criminal culture, my advice is to pick those things up as quickly as he can, he should be listening to as much rap music as possible, he should be trying everything there is to know about gangs.” 

Shkreli adds that “This sounds funny, but this could save your life.”

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Along with Shkreli’s advice, another formerly convicted felon, Sam Antar, who was known to be the former CFO of “Crazie Eddie,” also took to Twitter to give SBF his own unsolicited advice.

Rather than advice on surviving prison in the case of being found guilty of all his charges, Antar instead advises SBF to “jump bail and run,” arguing that it’s “better to lose $250 million to gain your freedom than spend two decades or more in prison.”

SBF’s Next Hearing

Bankman-Fried has yet to make any other public appearances or said anything since he left the court following his $250 million bail last week.

The former FTX CEO is now said to be staying at his parents’ home in San Francisco until his next scheduled court hearing on January 3rd in New York City where it will be determined whether he is guilty of any of his charges.

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