Sam Bankman-Fried Deepfake Circulating on Twitter Try to Scam FTX Victims

The FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried appeared in a deepfake on Twitter on Friday, claiming he would double users’ cryptocurrency in a typical giveaway scam and make them whole again. As a matter of fact, the account was verified and mimicked SBF’s actual account.

The Deepfake promise to double user crypto

By empathizing with Bankman-Fried’s voice and likeness, the poorly made “deepfake” video attempts to convince users to visit a malicious site in exchange for a “giveaway.”

“Hello everyone. As you know our FTX exchange is going bankrupt,” the SBF deepfake said. 

“But I hasten to inform all users that you should not panic. As compensation for the loss we have prepared a giveaway for you in which you can double your cryptocurrency. To do this, just go to the site,” he added.

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According to the Motherboard, FTX’s bankruptcy has apparently led to the suspension of verified Twitter account S4GE_ETH, who posed as Bankman-Fried and offered free cryptocurrency to anyone affected.

The community response

An old SBF interview video appears to have been adjusted with new dialogue using deepfakes, which use AI technology to create realistic-looking facial movements to match the new audio.

“Pretty obvious scam. It’s not a deepfake though, just a poorly done voiceover,” said one Twitter user.

Another users saw the video only repeating the same word, “Well the lips are altered to match the voiceover, so isn’t that a deepfake?  The timing is quite poor but I’m good at reading lips, he def is mouthing the same words we hear verbally.”

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There are also some Twitter users making jokes about deepfaking and the scheme, “Seems to be legit to me. I gave them all my crypto ($0) and now it’s doubled ($0),” said one user.

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Jamilatul Mahmudah

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