Rewards For Anyone Up To $1M For Finding Critical Bugs Before The Merge!

Ethereum Foundation will reward anyone up to $1M for finding critical bugs before ‘The Merge’! On August 24th, the Ethereum Foundation updated the community with its official blog post about the date of ‘The Merge’, miners, and Ethereum bugs.

Merge Bug Bounty

On August 24th, the Ethereum Foundation updated the community with information about the date of ‘The Merge’, miners, and a bug bounty program. According to the Ethereum Foundation, anyone who can identify critical bugs before ‘The Merge’, can receive money up to $1 million. They even provided a specific link for people to join the Bug Bounty Program.

Based on the Bug Bounty Program official website, the rewards start from up to $2,000 for a low-risk bug to $250,000 for a critical-risk bug. However, in the latest announcement by the Ethereum Foundation, they will give up to $1 million for Merge Bug Bounty Bonus.

The Ethereum Foundation stated, “All Merge-related bounties for vulnerabilities have received a 4x multiplier between now and September 8th. Critical bugs are now worth up to $1 million.”

Previously on Ethereum Bug

A few days ago, Péter Szilágyi, an Ethereum software developer, revealed on Twitter that he found and fixed a bug in the system. He updated the community on what went wrong and how he and the team solved it in different tweets. At the end of his tweet, he apologized to everyone for missing this issue.

He tweeted, “Apologies again for missing this issue during testing. We’ll try to figure out a way to stress test better.” 

‘The Merge’ Bug Bounty can hint how much the Ethereum Foundation is avoiding any issue when ‘The Merge’ happens next month. Especially with the latest bug issue, they will try to minimize any errors.

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