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What Is zkEVM? Polygon Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM)

Polygon Announces Zero-Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM), as it has prepared over the last year. On Thursday, Polygon posted on Twitter about this exciting news. Polygon’s official website said this project is Polygon zkEVM, the future of Ethereum scaling. The community is now talking about this new post.

The Background of zkEVM

Amidst the need for Ethereum to scale, Polygon agrees that zero-knowledge (ZK) tech will help them to get there. The EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine. 

However, ZK has its disadvantages. Polygon mentioned, ZK proofs have always been seen as a promising technology, but they have tended to be slow and expensive to generate.” The next challenge is related to compatibility. These issues make zkEVM seems far away from reaching effectiveness.

Polygon’s zkEVM

Polygon’s teams have worked hard on the project since last year. They have proven to improve Polygon zkEVM. Consumers will be able to see the cost reduction and speed improvement. Added to the exciting news is that Polygon zkEVM can be built the same way as Ethereum. 

The project is open to every consumer who wants a faster and cheaper way to use Ethereum. In Polygon zkEVM, anyone can use it, and consumers can trust the code.

Polygon is happy to release the details of this project soon to the community. They will make a testnet for the public to see how it works. Also, it is necessary to seek more improvement as this is still the alpha version. Polygon is inviting everyone in the community to join the adventure.

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