New York Yankees Starts Offering Salaries in Bitcoin

New York Yankees offer salaries in Bitcoin with NYDIG. In the recent exciting news, one of the biggest baseball teams, the New York Yankees, has decided to offer players and staff salaries in Bitcoin. Players and staff are welcoming this news.

Partnership with NYDIG

A few days ago, NYDIG announced their big partnership with the New York Yankees. NYDIG is one of the platforms that offer services and solutions for companies to operate effectively in the Bitcoin system. Their project has allowed users to convert post-tax salaries to Bitcoin with no fee added. The goal of NYDIG involves making users see the potential of Bitcoin, especially with many users interested in using Bitcoin

New York Yankees’ New Salaries System

As one of the most successful teams in Major League Baseball history, the New York Yankees always wanted to provide the best salary experience to their players and staff. This opportunity allows them to make an innovation in the salaries system. NYDIG has been chosen for its excellent service in providing Bitcoin. The New York Yankees team is excited to use the platform for future use of Bitcoin.

In addition to this recent news, many public figures are also moving to the use of bitcoin. An NFL player also allocated his salary in Bitcoin via NYDIG. The New York mayor previously stated the use of bitcoin and Ethereum in his salary.

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