New Study Finds Crypto Is Becoming More Attractive To Investors As SEC Gets Aggressive

New Study Finds Crypto Is Becoming More Attractive To Investors As SEC Gets Aggressive.

According to a new Bloomberg report, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and their aggressive moves in enforcing regulations on cryptocurrencies are actually helping to attract investors onto the scene.

Poll Results

In a a new MLIV Pulse survey, it was reported that up to 60% of the 564 poll takers actually saw recent regulators’ efforts in enforcing regulations as something beneficial for the crypto industry.

Despite this, Bloomberg reports that poll takers still remain for the most part, divided on their opinions on cryptocurrencies as a whole. Some were said to have some level of faith in cryptocurrencies, believing it to be the future of finance, while others kept their negative views on the digital assets, still seeing them to be scams and ponzi schemes.

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The SEC’s Aggressive Moves

These last couple of months the SEC have been increasingly aggressive in their efforts of regulations, just last week they launched an investigation into the crypto exchange FTX US. The week before that they also probed Yuga Labs, the team behind some of the biggest NFT collections like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks as well as ApeCoin ($APE).

The SEC also made quite the buzz a couple weeks back when they hit Kim Kardashian with a hefty $1.26 million fine for promoting a cryptocurrency without properly disclosing the fact that she was being paid to promote it.

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Aside from that, these days the chair of the SEC Gary Gensler has been making more and more comments on cryptocurrencies, continuing to claim most of them to be securities and urging most exchanges to quickly list with the appropriate regulators. 

Despite this however, most exchanges still haven’t done so due to the current inconsistency and lack of clarity in the definitions of securities and commodities in relation to cryptocurrencies.

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