New Search Tool Shows Full Identities & How Much Users Lost In Celsius Bankruptcy

New search tool shows full identities & how much users lost in Celsius bankruptcy. 

Recently, a new search engine tool was revealed to have been made that allows anyone to be able to access and see the full names of users as well as details of just how much money they had lost as a result of the Celsius Network bankruptcy.

The New Tool

Not long ago, a big controversy was made after it was revealed that the privacy of now-bankrupt Celsius users were breached as their full name and information were released in a 14,000 page court document for Celsius’ bankruptcy case.

At the time, many in the community were outraged at the fact that any users’ full name and recent transactions on the Celsius platform could be easily accessible and seen by anyone in the world. 

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Now however, it’s been revealed that someone may have just used the information and data from these bankruptcy filings to create a new search engine tool that lets anyone access this information with more ease.

The search engine tool,, allows anyone to see the full legal name and how much money that person has lost as a result of Celsius’ bankruptcy.

The website also features a ‘leaderboard’ of the top 50 people who have had the biggest losses due to the bankruptcy, with their names and total lost funds in full display.

Biggest Privacy Breach

Many in the community have expressed shock at the fact that all of this private information can easily be found online, with some dubbing this event to be one of the biggest privacy breaches to happen in Web3.

Many have also expressed worry for Celsius users, whos names and crypto wallet information can easily be accessed online, which leaves them vulnerable to a number of possible dangers like hacks and or identity theft.

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So far, Celsius Network has not made any comments don’t their part of deciding to publish the names and transaction details on their bankruptcy filings that were made public.

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