MetaMask To Launch A New Web3 Native Game Launcher With Hyperplay!

MetaMask To Launch A New Web3 Native Game Launcher With Hyperplay!

Recently, the Ethereum crypto wallet developer MetaMask announced massive news of a new partnership on its journey to explore further into the world of Web3 gaming.

About Metamask x HyperPlay

In a partnership with gaming developer Game7, MetaMask introduces its new Web3 native game launcher ‘HyperPlay’. With this collaboration, MetaMask explains that they aim to have more crypto-native games developed and launched onto the HyperPlay platform.

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Through this new partnership, users will now be able to connect their MetaMask wallet onto the HyperPlay platform so that they can carry in-game tokens, achievements and NFTs.

“With HyperPlay, players can carry their wallet, tokens, NFTs, and achievements into every game with web3 capabilities,” the team explains on their Twitter thread.

MetaMask also further explains that the beta for the HyperPlay x MetaMask wallet feature will be launched sometime early February next year.

“HyperPlay is powered by the new MetaMask SDK, and plans to launch a developer alpha this month along with an end-user beta in early February.”

Gaming x NFTs

Not just MetaMask, these past months many Web3 platforms seem to have focused on building and connecting the gaming space more and more towards Web3 and blockchain, with many in the community claiming that blockchain technology opens up many opportunities in gaming.

Earlier in September, CEO of one of the biggest NFT marketplaces Magic Eden even said himself that NFTs “unlock something new” for game developers. According to CEO Jack Lu, he and his team are waiting for a ‘tidal shift’ to take place where developers and game studios begin to recognize more and more about the potential of Web3 technology in gaming.

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