LG Electronics Launches NFT Marketplace LG Art Lab, Its TV Compatible!

LG Electronics Launches NFT Marketplace LG Art Lab, Compatible With Its TVs!

LG Art Lab

South Korean electronic company LG, just announced that it launched its own NFT marketplace called LG Art Lab today. This announcement came around eight months after they said that they want to allow users to browse NFT on its smart TVs.

The new NFT platform, will be available in the US and any LG TVs that rusn webOS 5.0 or later. This allows users to browse, buy and sell their NFTs through their TVs.

LG Art Lab will use the Hedera network and purchases can be made using Wallypto, LG’s own in-app crypto wallet.

Chris Jo, Head of platform business at LG Electronics, said to TechCrunch that “LG Art Lab is designed to allow millions of users in the U.S. to easily access and display NFTs, without having to interact with code or directly with a blockchain themselves.”

Not only that, the marketplace will feature something called the LG Art Lab Drops, which profiles artists and show previews of their new and upcoming works. This will help users to acquire drops from the NFT creators.

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LG Electronics Joins Samsung, Enters NFT World

This new platform will rivals another South Korean technology giant, Samsung. Back to the start of the year, Samsung partnered up with NFT marketplace, Nifty Gateway which also allows users to buy and sell their digital art on Samsung TVs.

The Samsung NFT marketplace is available on Samsung’s MICRO LED, NEO QLED dan The Frame TVs.

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