KuCoin Crypto Exchange Launches New Anti-FUD Fund

KuCoin Crypto Exchange Launches New Anti-FUD fund. CEO Johnny Lyu posted the news on Twitter yesterday.

The Anti-FUD Fund


FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. People usually use this to spread misinformation about cryptocurrencies. KuCoin has decided to take action regarding this matter. Johnny Lyu said on Twitter that the Anti-FUD Fund would cover three things. 


First, to educate about FUD in the community. It would be available in more than 20 languages. 


Second, support influencers and industry leaders who help the community get out of FUD. These people have provided good information to keep people from FUD.


The last is tracing FUDers who spread misinformation and take legal actions. These actions can cause harm for users, investors, and the industry. 


Johnny Lyu added that even though this will not stop FUDers, someone needs to step up.

Previously on KuCoin and FUD


In early July, the CEO posted on Twitter to respond to an account spreading misinformation about KuCoin. The anonymous person was asking people to withdraw from KuCoin immediately. The tweet is currently unavailable and deleted. 

Johnny Lyu responded, “Not sure who is spreading these sheer rumors, and what their intentions are.” He also added some details regarding the misinformation and said that KuCoin will always be transparent.

FUD is not something new in the crypto industry. Many people with intentions are always around to spread negative comments that would affect the community. 


One account said, “You should know FUD will keep coming from all over the world.”

Another account posted, “FUD coming from people who hold none of the tokens.”

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