Kevin O’Leary: Binance Deliberately Caused FTX’s Collapse!

Kevin O’Leary: Binance Deliberately Caused FTX’s Collapse! 

Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary surprised many in the community earlier today after continuing to defend FTX’s former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried following his arrest.

O’Leary Blames Binance

Speaking at the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hearing, the millionaire and former FTX celebrity spokesman Kevin O’Leary says that the reason he believes FTX failed was due to Binance’s involvement.

With FTX being Binance’s biggest rival platform, O’Leary explains that he believes this is the very reason why Binance decided to “intentionally sabotage FTX”.

“These two behemoths that own the unregulated market together and grow these incredible businesses in terms of growth were at war with each other, and one put the other out of business intentionally.” O’Leary said.

“Now, maybe there is nothing wrong with that, maybe there is nothing wrong with love and war but Binance is a massive unregulated  global monopoly now. They put FTX out of business.”

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CZ Denies

Previously in the past, Binance CEO has already heavily denied the idea that he was trying to intentionally sabotage FTX or Alameda.

CZ argued that it’s not in his interest to sabotage FTX because he viewed both Binance and FTX’s success to be mutually beneficial to each other. “We want multiple exchanges, multiple blockchains, multiple wallets, etc, to co-exist in the ecosystem.” CZ tweeted at the time.

Since Kevin O’Leary’s speech at the recent hearing, CZ has replied to these accusations by retweeting a previous tweet he made on December 9th, accusing Kevin O’Leary’s $15 million contract with FTX to be the reason the millionaire is still defending the fallen crypto exchange as well as SBF.

“It seems $15m not only changed @kevinolearytv’s mind about crypto, it also made him align with a fraudster. Is he seriously defending SBF?” CZ wrote.

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