Here’s When Bitcoin Could Hit 1 Billion Users!

Here’s When Bitcoin Could Hit 1 Billion Unique Users!

Popular Bitcoin and crypto analyst Willy Woo has publicly made a popular prediction on when Bitcoin could hit its next biggest milestone, 1 billion unique users!

Within Just A Few Years

Through data compiled since the start of Bitcoin and Bitcoin trading, Willy Woo claims that it shouldn’t be long until more and more people begin using this cryptocurrency.

He stated, “Bitcoin took six months to get 1,000 users; five years to find one million users. Today, 13.8 years from inception, it has 300 million+ users, 4% of the world. At current growth rates, one billion users will be hit in the next three years.

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He also clarifies that the data shown is that of unique Bitcoin users rather wallet addresses. 

To put that into perspective, there are only about 400 million unique Twitter users and 400 million PayPal users, which would make Bitcoin far ahead of the two applications in terms of users.

Bitcoin To Become Mainstream

Just a couple of days ago, the second largest payment processor company MasterCard even announced their own plans in relation to working with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Mastercard’s head of crypto and blockchain announced that their company was currently looking to unlock the potential of cryptocurrencies, making crypto assets become easier and cheaper to use and transfer. 

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With this, they said that they hoped to make cryptocurrencies an ‘everyday way to pay’ like other fiat currencies.

With data evidence showing so many people adopting Bitcoin per year, creating a system or service that helps it become more accessible and easier to use will definitely skyrocket the crypto even higher.

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