Here’s How To Watch The ETH Merge Live!

Here’s how to watch the ETH Merge live!

One of the biggest events to take place in the crypto space is happening now! The second biggest cryptocurrency by market cap, Ethereum, is finally transitioning to a Proof-of-Stake consensus after talks of doing so for many years.

This process of the blockchains shift to become more eco-friendly is scheduled to be taking place 5:27am UTC on September 15th.

Where To Watch

With such a big change taking place, the event is surely going to be livestreamed and celebrated live for everyone all over the world to see.

The Ethereum Foundation specifically, have announced that they will be livestreaming the event one hour before it takes away through their official YouTube channel.

Special Guests Joining

There will be a number of special guests and notable names to join the Ethereum Merge live stream including the Ethereum Cat Herders as well as content creators like Gwei and Bankless.

The team also hinted at starring “other notable guests” which the community have continued to speculate. It’s mostly believed that Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin as well as The Daily Gwei’s founder Anthony Sassano may be the special guests to join the stream, as they had often participated in testnet livestreams in the past.

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What To Expect After The Merge

After the Merge, investors and users alike will find that Ethereum’s blockchain will decrease its energy consumption by as much as 99.95% as explained by Vitalik previously.

With this, many in the community have been expecting a number of changes to take place for the future of Ethereum, including more institutional adoption as well as more possible upgrades to the blockchain in its future, including scalability upgrades, lower gas fees and more efficiency. 

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