Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Stealer!

Nowadays, Cypto and NFTs hacker is everywhere and they would use unpredictable ways to hack our account and wallets to steal our digital assets. Recently, people start using Crypto Stealer to hack our account, so here’s everything you need to know about Crypto Stealer! (Shared by @samczsun)

1. Hacker will create quick, urgent and compelling messages to make us want to click the link.


There are two ways you can be phished by Crypto Stealer. The first is to click on a link that looks like one of your bank’s URLs, which leads you to a malicious site that looks exactly like your bank’s website. The second is to open a document containing an embedded URL in the text. This would work for anyone who opened the document and didn’t immediately realize something was amiss with it.

2. Clicking the link will automatically download this scratchy file to your computer.


If you download the files and the Crypto Stealer is only one stepped away to steal your digital assets.

3. After you download the files, there will be two files in the archive.

By just opening these files, the hacker would be able to have full access to your token and digital assets, so it’s very important for you not to click any links if someone tries to send you through DM in twitter, discord or any other social media. 


Hopefully this article would be helpful for all the crypto and NFTs holders for not getting hacked from Crypto Stealer. We hope through this article, there will be less people getting hacked. 

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This is not financial advice, so before you make your decisions please do your own research.


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