GameStop Launches Their New NFT Marketplace!

Gamestop launches their new NFT marketplace. Today, the American video game, electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer company, GameStop, has just officially launched its own NFT Marketplace that allows users to buy, trade, create, and sell NFTs.

About the GameStop NFT Marketplace

This NFT Marketplace that had been teased to be in the making since May of 2021 offers users many different NFT collections that run on the Ethereum main-net.

GameStop has claimed that it aims to be a main player in the NFT gaming space and plans to sell NFTs that are interactive items within many different games in the future. Although so far, the platform is currently only focused on selling artwork NFTs, a press release notes that the gaming NFTs will definitely be added to the marketplace in the future.

GameStop NFT Wallet

The launch of their new NFT marketplace comes months after the company had previously announced a partnership to use the Ethereum Immutable X layer-2 scaling network. 

Earlier in May of this year, Gamestop had also unveiled the creation of its very own digital asset wallet that will allow users to store, send, and recieve cryptocurrency and NFTs.

So now, users interested in buying or selling NFTs on the new Gamestop NFT marketplace will be able to do so by using either the Gamestop Wallet or any other Ethereum (ETH) compatible wallets.

The Future Of The GameStop Marketplace

So far, only 9 hours after its original launch, the GameStop NFT marketplace has reportedly been quite successful with reaching over $1,000,000 in trade volume in its first day as well as more than 10,000 NFTs traded so far.

If these numbers continue at the pace they’re going, it seems likely that Gamestop may become successful in being the leading Game-related NFT Marketplace in the near future.

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