Ethereum’s Goerli Testnet Merge Success, Here’s What’s Coming Next!

Ethereum’s Goerli testnet merge success, here’s what’s coming next!

Goerli Testnet Merge

Just earlier today, the final test run for Ethereum’s upcoming merge was successfully completed. The “Goerli testnet”, one of the largest and most active Ethereum test networks, was the last of three public testnets that were run.

Although the Goerli testnet merge was deemed to have been a success so far, Ethereum developers admitted that they will need to continue to observe the testnet until tomorrow to deem exactly how successful the merge really was. “We won’t really know until late tonight or tomorrow how successful the [Goerli testnet] merge actually was, this is not going to tell us success or failure” just yet.” Developer Superphiz said during a livestream for the Goerli testnet merge.

What’s Next?

With the final test run completed, all that’s left is for the developers to start the merge from Proof-Of-Work to Proof-Of-Stake on the Ethereum mainnet.

If Developers deem that the Goerli testnet merge was completely successful by tomorrow and did not discover any further issues, the official mainnet merge is most likely to start taking place in September like it was originally planned and predicted to.

Last month, Ethereum Foundation member Tim Beiko stated that the official mainnet merge is most likely to start around mid-September, with September 19th being the target date. But with the success of Goerli testnet merge having taken place this early in August, it may be possible that the ETH mainnet merge could take place earlier than the original target date set.

The official mainnet merge will most likely have a big impact of the value of Ethereum in the upcoming months. With the ETH merge promising to reduce energy consumption by 99%, a lot is expected from this merge that has been talked about for years now.

Just moments after news of the successful Goerli merge broke out, Ethereum saw its price jump to a price of $1,900. Many in the community are continuing to expect an even higher pump leading up to September’s merge.

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