Elon Musk: Bringing Crypto To Twitter Is A ‘No-Brainer’

Elon Musk: Bringing Crypto To Twitter Is A ‘No-Brainer’

Billionaire and new Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently brought bullishness to the crypto community after having discussed the possibility of bringing and using cryptocurrencies as payments on the massive social media platform.

Crypto Twitter Payments

Recently on a Twitter Space hosted by IBC Group CEO Mario Nawfal, Tesla CEO and billionaire Elon Musk discussed a number of possibilities and visions he had for the giant social media platform Twitter which he had acquired earlier this year.

One of the visions Musk proposed seeing for the future of the platform included allowing Twitter to have cryptocurrency payment options.

(tweet: https://twitter.com/MMCrypto/status/1599477213388509184?s=20&t=kikwaanyM37mH6-Jdmgr6Q )

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In the spaces, Musk argued that it was a ‘no-brainer’ to have multiple payment options, including cryptocurrencies, in order to make it simple for users on the platform.

“WeChat has a lot of functionality that Twitter should have. It’s kind of a no brainer for Twitter to have payments, both fiat currency and crypto, and to make that easy and simple for people to use.” Musk said.

Rumors Of Native Twitter Coin

Since then, crypto Twitter has been swirling with rumors of the creation of a Twitter-native asset which the community has been referring to as “Twitter Coin”, which could possibly be used for payments and tipping on the social media platform.

There have yet to be any confirmation of this possible Twitter Coin in the makings by Elon Musk or any other Twitter developers.

Despite these rumors however, there have been some members in the crypto community who argue that rather than creating a new Twitter-native token, Musk may be sticking to using his favourite cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Dogecoin for possible Twitter payments in the future like he has done for both Tesla and SpaceX merchandise.

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