Despite Successful Merge, Ethereum Price Drop Post Merge

Despite Successful Merge, Ethereum Price Drop Post Merge.

The Merge, a most highly-anticipated event in cryptocurrency aiming to reduce energy consumption, ran smoothly yesterday. Ethereum successfully moved from  proof-of-work to proof-of-stake.

Ethereum’s Price Fell Down

Regardless of the successful Merge, ETH declined in price on September 15. The price of Ether (ETH) fell 9% on above-average volume, falling mildly after the Merge. Price declines continued for the remainder of the day.

A 6% drop occurred around 14:00 UTC during a spike in volume, but the dip is not linked to the Merge. After the Merge’s success, ether’s implied volatility (IV) decreased sharply as fears of problems were dispelled.

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The Price Decline Seems Not Related to the Merge’s Impact

Despite one of the most crucial events in cryptocurrency history going smoothly, ether fell sharply on Thursday.

The close to 9% price decline appears to have nothing to do with the Merge. Instead, there is likely to be a “sell the fact” movement following the unwinding of an “Ethereum Merge” trade.

The Merge is likely to affect long-term supply of ether and the efficiency of the blockchain itself, rather than act as a catalyst for price movement in the short term.

Ethereum’s 9% decline on Thursday marks the fourth decline of more than 8% in the last 30 days, with the largest drop occurring on Aug. 19 (12.89%).

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Trading volume was above its 20-day moving average on each of the previous occasions, just as it is today.

Technically, ETH’s hourly chart displays that price started to rebound after  14:00 UTC return after dropping below $1,500.

Funding rates for ETH, which represent payments between sellers and buyers of futures contracts, remain negative according to on-chain data.

In a negative rate environment, sellers are likely to drive the market since they pay buyers (longs) an inordinate premium for remaining short.

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