CZ Warns Of Possible Phishing Attacks After Twitter Data Breach

CZ warns of possible phishing attacks after Twitter data breach. “Anticipate more phishing attacks” says Binance CEO after news of the latest large Twitter data breach.

Hackers Steal Twitter Accounts’ Data

Earlier this week, a number of sources have confirmed that there has been a big Twitter data breach, the hacker was reportedly able to gain access to the contact details like phone numbers and email addresses of more than 5.4 million Twitter accounts. 


The database contains the personal information of various Twitter accounts ranging from celebrities, to companies, and random civilians. The data is now reportedly being sold on a hacker forum for up to $30,000. 

In response to this event, CZ, CEO of crypto exchange Binance, has tweeted a warning to everyone in the crypto and NFT community. CZ seems to think its possible that some of the attackers that have gained this stolen data to start targeting and attacking members of the web3 community. In his tweet, CZ warns: “Anticipate more phishing attacks. Never click on links in SMS or emails.

Influx Of Hacks And Phishing Attacks

This isn’t the first warning the NFT community recieved about possible phishing attacks and hacks this month. Just a few weeks ago, Yuga Labs, responsible for creating some of the biggest NFT projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), had also warned the NFT community that their security team has tracked a number of hackers consistently trying to breach their social media accounts.

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Similar to CZ, Yuga Labs warned members of the community to anticipate possible phishing attacks from multiple accounts, including the official accounts of NFT projects as well as NFT influencers’ accounts.

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