Coinbase Launches Voter Registration Portal, Here Are The Details!

Coinbase launches voter registration portal! Here are the details! On August 25th, Coinbase, through its Chief Policy Officer, Faryar Shirzad, announced on Twitter the launch of the voter registration portal. 

The Announcement

On August 25th, Faryar Shirzad, the Chief Policy Offer of Coinbase, announced the launch of a voter registration portal ahead of the US elections in November. According to Shirzad, the leaders they elect in November will be the ones who make important decisions in the future of crypto, blockchain, and WEB3. 

Shirzad wrote, “The most important way to make a difference in shaping what happens is by being informed and by voting. That is why we are launching a voter registration portal and education initiative.”

The initiative will help the crypto community get involved by registering to vote, learning about candidates, attending town halls, expressing support for crypto innovation, and even asking representatives questions. Shirzad emphasized most importantly, the community has to vote.

He ended his Twitter thread by encouraging the community to get involved in the elections.

Previously on Coinbase

Two years ago, there was an unfortunate event at Coinbase. The crypto exchange announced losing 5% of its employees because Coinbase decided to remain apolitical. Since then, the community has been watching Coinbase and seeing its political stance.

However, in a recent blog post, Coinbase seems to change its views on politics. Shirzad even mentioned that Coinbase will get involved in the political process if it impacts its mission.

Coinbase stated, “We don’t regularly talk about politics here at Coinbase, but we’ve always said that we will engage in the political process at moments when it relates to our mission of increasing economic freedom in the world.”

Currently, the community is waiting to see more updates from Coinbase.

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