Coinbase Deletes Comments on Reddit Regarding Issues in Withdrawal

Coinbase deletes comments on Reddit regarding issues in withdrawal. A few days ago some users on Reddit mentioned their dissatisfaction with Coinbase. They wrote various financial issues about their funds in Coinbase. This unfortunate issue raised suspicion and rumor among users.

Issues in Coinbase

Coinbase is an American platform that allows users to make a transaction using bitcoins. One of the most popular comments was when one user said that Coinbase froze the account. To add to the issue, Coinbase did not give any prior notices. Others have said issues regarding unverified trade and transfer delays. Customer services were difficult to contact. The information spread fast on social media as many users also commented on more issues that happened in the past.

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Coinbase Admin Deleting the Comments

Added to the issue was when the admin of Coinbase deleted the comments on Reddit. They demand the issues be solved immediately. Coinbase said that there were technical issues in the system. This raised more concern from users. Speculations and rumors have also spread on social media. Some said to put more security in the accounts and others pulled out their money

Even though these issues have been going on for a while, many users are still using Coinbase without any problems. They even helped others who were struggling by giving advice and tips to protect the accounts. 

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