Coin Bureau Says Successful Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Sends Bullish Signals to Institutional Investors

Coin Bureau Says Successful Cardano Vasil Hard Fork Sends Bullish Signals to Institutional Investors.

According to Coin Bureau’s pseudonymous host, institutional investors will likely pay attention to Cardano (ADA) when the next bull run begins.

Investors Looking for Blockchain with a Proven Track Like Cardano

Coin Bureau says in a conversation with fellow analyst Benjamin Cowen that in the next future investors will be looking for blockchain projects with a track record for upgrading, such as Cardano’s Vasil hard fork.

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According to him, a smooth upgrade like Vasil can prove that the people behind the technology are the right ones to invest in.

“Long-term, trend-wise, I think investors, particularly institutional investors – which is obviously where Cardano is lacking in that respect – but I think any investor will look at the likes of Ethereum and Cardano in the aftermath, when interest in crypto returns, and go, ‘Well, these guys were able to execute these big upgrades and they went flawlessly and I think that is testament to the caliber of people working on those projects,” he said.

He added, “and that I think will be a big part of people’s due diligence in the future. Although the price hasn’t done anything, I think it’s really really positive for Cardano especially.”

The Low Price of ADA is Part of The Current Crypto Bear Market

The current crypto bear market has impacted most digital assets to the same extent, which Guy says is part of the reason why ADA’s price performance is underwhelming.

He also believes that with the success of the Vasil Hard Fork, things will look better for the future of Cardano, and may soon see a bullish run for this token.

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“Obviously, it hasn’t really had any kind of effect on the price because this is a bear market and you know that’s just what happens, unfortunately, but I kind of think as well that’s not something to get too downhearted about. I think this is a real building for the future. And of course, there are upgrades ahead,” he explained.

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