Celsius Network Dox Their Users’ Information In New Court Documents

Celsius Network Dox Their Users’ Information in New Court Documents. 

Uneasiness has been plaguing the crypto community lately as it was revealed that now bankrupt Celsius Network may have just doxxed the personal information of all of its users.

User Doxxing

The now bankrupt cryptocurrency lending platform Celsius Network is now currently undergoing a number of court proceedings after it had originally filed for bankruptcy earlier this year in July. Along with this bankruptcy case, the community has discovered that the platform had uploaded all of their users’ information in their latest court filings.

The 14,000-page document was found to have contained every users’ full names and latest transaction on the platform, including timestamp as well as the amount deposited, or liquidated.

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Although other more personal information like phone numbers, email addresses, and home addresses were redacted and kept private, members of the crypto community remained feeling uneasy about the fact that their privacy had been blatantly breached by the platform as the document is accessible to anyone on the internet. 

This situation seemed to only add salt to the injury for those who had invested their money into the platform, not only to have lost access to their funds and ‘rugged’ as some may have called it, but now to have their personal information and crypto transaction history visible for anyone to see.

Other Issues Surrounding Celsius

Aside from this, Celsius has also been criticized for other issues throughout the process of their bankruptcy filing, the most recent of which was the accusations made towards their former CEO and executives.

Recently, it was found that the top 3 executives of the company had withdrawn a considerable sum of money just weeks ahead of the platform freezing all users’ funds.

Former CEO Alex Mashinsky was found to have withdrawn $10 million in crypto, while former CSO Daniel Leon and CTO Nuke Goldstein withdrew $11 million and $20.8 million respectively. 

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In recent days, it was also found that Mashinsky’s wife Kristine had also withdrawn a considerable amount of money from the platform at the end of May, over $2 million worth of crypto.

Some in the community have been condemning the Celsius’ executives for their seemingly shady actions and less than respectable doxxing of their very own users in their court filings.

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