Binance CEO Wants Better LinkedIn Verification System

Why does Binance CEO want LinkedIn to have a better verification system? On August 14th, Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the CEO of Binance, posted his view on fake LinkedIn profiles via Twitter.

The Tweet by CZ

On August 14th, CZ addressed his concern on LinkedIn profiles as he found only several employees of Binance are valid on the job platform. According to the CEO, from more than 7,000 profiles that state as an employee of Binance, only approximately 50 profiles are real accounts. Due to this issue, he said his wish for LinkedIn to have a better verification system.

CZ added, “I wished LinkedIn [has] a feature to let the company verify people.”

If LinkedIn can apply this feature, it can reduce scammers on the platform.

CZ on LinkedIn Scammers 

His concern is related to the scammers in the industry. There are scammers out there that claim to be responsible for token listing. These scammers can create fake accounts that look legit on LinkedIn, as they show years of experience and multiple connections.

Some Twitter accounts also replied to CZ by sharing their experience on the matter. One account referred to LinkedIn by saying, “It is pretty alarming there is no established verification system by now.”

Another account even put a photo of how many Binance employees on LinkedIn. The person said, “Total Count is 8,846 and I’m connected to 2 legit ones I believe.”

As CZ has warned the community about fake Binance employees’ profiles on LinkedIn, people should be aware of scammers too. They need to learn and know the pattern of these frauds to avoid them in the future.

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