Aurora Labs’ Head Of Product Shares His Experience In Crypto Scam!

Aurora Labs’ Head of Product shares his experience in a crypto scam! On 5 August, Matt Henderson, the Head of Product for Aurora Labs, posted details of a fraud.

Aurora Labs’ Head of Product and the Crypto Scam

On 5 August, Matt Henderson took to Twitter to post his recent experience in a crypto scam, which happened in an OTC transaction.

First, someone named Olai contacted him on Telegram Messenger. Olai said he wanted to purchase AURORA tokens with USDC. Henderson said Olai explained about his interests, and he did not think there was something weird

Olai suggested they could use a third-party escrow, and Henderson could choose the person. Henderson then recommended someone named Steve. After a brief introduction between them, Olai made a Discord group chat with Steve, Henderson, and Gerard, Olai’s business partner. 

According to Henderson, Olai suggested:

“1. I send the AURORA to Steve; 2. Olai sends me a small USDC test transaction; 3. Steve sends Olai a small AURORA test transaction; 4. Olai sends me the USDC balance; 5. Steve then sends them the AURORA balance.”

However, Henderson sensed something weird when Steve sent him a screenshot of a group chat, in which he confirmed receiving the USDC and asked Steve to send the AURORA tokens to Olai. It was not visible to Henderson because he did not say that.

Henderson and Steve were in contact with each other to investigate further. Later, he posted a theory that Gerard had a role in creating another group and impersonating Henderson in that group.

Henderson said, “The attacker created two group chats in Discord. Steve was impersonated in mine, and I was impersonated in Steve’s. The attackers were apparently relaying some messages between the two.”

He Warns Everyone in the Community

After what happened, Henderson noted to himself to take further security measures to avoid this incident in the future. He said that everyone should read his thread as it also can warn everyone to be aware of this activity.

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