Aptos Creator Defends Disappointing Launch, Says TPS Will Rise Over Time

Aptos Creator Defends Disappointing Launch, Says TPS Will Rise Over Time. 

Not long ago, many in the community were met with disappointment at the launch of the long-awaited Aptos blockchain mainnet.

Disappointing Launch

Ahead of their launch, Aptos had reportedly promised an astonishing 100,000 or more transactions per second (TPS), however, the community instead found that after launch, the blockchain was only doing 7 TPS, a massive difference to the numbers they originally promised.

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Aside from that, many in the community were also rather disappointed in the Aptos launch at the lack of complete information they provided about their tokenomics.

Creators’ Response

After receiving many complaints and criticism just moments after their launch, the creator of Aptos Mo Shaikh himself stepped up to voice some clarifications, address concerns, and defend the blockchain.

Through his Twitter, Shaikh admits that the launch “could have gone better” but that they plan on growing and evolving.

First, Shaikh provided the community with a chart of Aptos’ tokenomics, providing the details and answers that many investors were looking for when they launched.

Shaikh then goes on to talk about complaints about the TPS not being the same as Aptos had originally promised. 

He explained: “The current TPS is not representative of the network capacity – this was the network idling ahead of projects coming online. This number is expected to increase with more activity. Hope this clears up any TPS confusion.

Finally, Shaikh addresses a number of other issues brought up by the community, like the unavailability of channels on their Discord and the tokenomics of their staking system.

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