Apple, Netflix, & Yuga Labs Among Some Of FTX’s Named Creditors!

Apple, Netflix, & Yuga Labs Among Some Of FTX’s Named Creditors! 

Recently on January 25th, fallen crypto exchange FTX finally released its complete list of institutional creditors. The document itself was 115 pages long and featured the names of some notable brands and companies of which it owed money to in alphabetical order.

Notable Creditors

The court document revealed that FTX’s creditors include multiple banks, airlines, hotels, charities, venture capital firms, crypto companies, popular media outlets as well as international government agencies.

Some of these notable creditors include big tech companies like Apple, Netflix, Amazon, Meta, Google, Microsoft, Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Along with that, popular media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Finance, CoinDesk, Benzinga, and Condé Nast are among FTX’s creditors.

Crypto and NFT-related firms that FTX owes money to include Coinbase, Galaxy Digital, Binance Capital Management, Polygon Network, BlockFi, Genesis Global, Voyager Digital, Yuga Labs, Doodles, and Chainalysis.

FTX also owes money to a number of banks within and outside of the U.S, including JP Morgan, Citi Group, Silvergate, Goldman Sachs, DBS Bank, the Commercial Bank of Dubai, and more.

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How Much FTX Owes

The court documents however, do not reveal just how much each creditors are owed, though previous statements from FTX’s lawyers suggest that FTX’s top 50 creditors are owed around $3.1 billion dollars alone. Earlier filings by FTX’s lawyer also suggest that FTX may have had over one million creditors in total.

The court filing has also completely withheld the names of its nearly 9.7 million customers whose funds are still stuck in the exchange, in accordance to court order.

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