Alameda Wallets Quietly Moving Funds Following SBF’s Bail 

Alameda Wallets Quietly Moving Funds Following SBF’s Bail. 

Funds from Alameda’s Ethereum wallet are now found to be moving and transferred around just days following Sam Bankman-Fried’s release on bail.

Alameda’s Funds Move

A number of Twitter crypto researchers have pointed out on Thursday that wallets linked to Alameda Research are “digging around in the sofa for spare change,” transfering crypto around and using coin mixers to obscure transactions.

The wallets were spotted trading crypto for Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as Tether, with a reported $1.7 million in crypto having been traded according to Arkham Intelligence data.

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It’s not yet known what this huge movement of crypto from these wallets are for, with some in the community theorizing that they may be from Alameda liquidators.

Others however, are talking about the very questionable timing of the wallet movement, pointing out that it had only been a couple of days since SBF was released on bail and that the former CEO may have had something to do with the large amounts of crypto transfers.

History With Illicit Activities

The idea that SBF may have taken part in the movement of these Alameda funds does not seem far-fetched to many as former Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison had previously pleaded guilty in working with the former FTX CEO to quietly misuse Alameda’s funds.

Sam Bankman-Fried is now being hit with 8 different charges including wire fraud and money laundering, with his next hearing scheduled at January 3rd in New York.

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