3AC’s NFT Collection Which Will Be Liquidated After Bankruptcy Is Revealed

3AC’s NFT Collection, which will be liquidated after bankruptcy is revealed. On July 1st, the crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC) filed for bankruptcy after it had reportedly struggled with insolvency for some time.

3AC’s Collection

Recently, twitter user @NatFactsEth reminded the community again of all the NFTs that 3AC own that will be liquidated as part of the bankruptcy proceedings through posting 3ACs crypto wallet address.

Through their wallets, it can be seen that 3AC did not hold back on buying and collecting from a number of different NFT collections, including Cryptopunks, Ringers, and more, having around 397 NFTs in this wallet in total.

Twitter user @AChuhunou even mentioned how 3AC seemed to have “some money to throw around” seeing that they spent around 1,800 ETH on a Ringers NFT.

3AC’s Current Bankruptcy Court

The firm is currently still in the midst of handling its bankruptcy filing in court, with the latest update being co-founder Su Zhu announcing that neither he nor co-founder Kyle Davies will be attending the next court hearing.

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